Boy Scouts American Flag Project

The cost for this service is $35., a year

March 2020

For more than twenty years Boy Scout Troop 513 has put up flags on six holidays in our community. This project enhances your beautiful neighborhood with our country’s flag. This year will bring an important change to our flag project. Last year our troop received word that our charter organization would n o longer maintain a Scout charter, so we have chosen to migrate our flag program to a church youth group, both young men and young women, ages 12 – 18. There are 34 youth altogether.

Aside from this change, everything else remains the same. These young people put up, take down, store and maintain the flags. 100% of the profit still goes to the youth for their activities throughout the year. The flag installation includes the placement of a small metal footing into your lawn. This footing is not visible above the grass and will not interfere with mowing. Also, n identifying mark will be placed on your curb at the footing location.

Again thank you for showing your patriotism and support of these youth with their flag project. Thanks to your help, Troop 513 advanced 7 scouts to Eagle Rank in 2019 and the remaining 4 scouts transferred to other local Scout Troops to continue their Eagle Trail.

Day’s flags are displayed:

Holidays are:

  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day
  • Sept. 11 th
  • Columbus Day

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