Briarwood Homes Association, Incorporated

Dues Collection Procedure
  • Letter #1: $65.00 payment due by February 15
  • Letter #2: $75.00 payment due by March 31  ($10.00 increase for late payment)
  • Letter #3: $85.00 payment due by May 1,  ($20.00 increase for late payment). In addition; non-paying homeowner’s names will be published on the Briarwood Website
  • Letter #4: $110.00 payment due immediately upon receipt. ($50.00 increase for late payment).  In accordance with Article 4, Briarwood Covenant Declaration states the Association may file a lien against the property for all delinquent amounts, including interest thereon, filing fees, attorney fees, court costs and other costs of collection as incurred. will be an additional  fee assessed for paying online to handle the PayPal fees.