Briarwood Home Owners Association
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Please refrain from parking on the street especially when snow is in the forecast.

In the past we have had issues with cars parked on the street and the City Snow Plows unable to clear the street. This poses a huge safety concern for residents.  It could make it difficult or impossible for a first responder to access someone’s residence, in the event of an emergency, with a vehicle, if only half of the street is plowed.

Another safety concern is, even after these vehicles are moved after a snow event, half of the street is still impassible.  If someone were to hit the frozen mess that is left on the street, it could cause an accident or damage to their vehicle. Not only is it safety concern, it is inconsiderate to the other residents.

Section 9.5.a in the Briarwood Homes Association covenants states “street parking is prohibited, except for temporary guest parking.” The board does not want to be “parking police”, but a friendly reminder is needed.

 The purpose of the  Association is to protect, maintain, improve, operate and administer the Addition, including necessary action to levy and collect the assessments herein provided for, pay expenses and do such other things as are provided or contemplated in the Covenant declaration and the Associations Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
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Plan on making any landscaping changes? 

Please remember to contact  the architecture committee for any landscaping changes you are going to make when you plan to add a fence, shed, retaining wall, parking pad, or other improvements (including painting your house).

If you are going to add a sprinkler, landscaping, plant trees, etc.  near the lot line, it is your responsibility to have a professional survey done to locate the lot line before the work is done.  Just “guessing” where the lot line is doesn’t cut it.  If your work impedes on someone else’s lot you are responsible for any damage that may incur.  They can say “take this out of there”, and you will have to.

The covenants require a written plan be submitted to the architectural committee and that two members approve of the plan. The objective is to keep Briarwood as one of the more desirable and attractive sub-divisions in Council Bluffs. To submit plans email   . Thank You to the residents who have sought architectural committee approval in the past .

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Anyone have a good reliable contractor they have used and are willing to share the name and contact information?  We would like to share them as a link on the Briarwood Website! Please send their name, service, phone number and if they have  a website their website name and we will put  under contractors tab . Send to

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Flags on Holidays Each Year Boy Scout Troops 513 and S660 has put up flags on six Holidays in our Subdivision. This project enhances an already beautiful neighborhood with our country’s flag. The boys in the Troops put up, take down, store and flagonstreet (1)maintain the flags for you. They would like to include all homes for this service. Click to Read More About Flags